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BB: Best way to learn Basic Korean *Global*

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BB is the Korean language learning app service with AI, which provides users with optimally tailored educational curriculum. The AI also automatically generates quizes corresponding to a video contents, especially K-POP contents so the users into K-culture can learn Korean as well as better enjoy their favorite K-culture videos.

For more information about BB, please refer to the following link.

SojungHangeul *Local*


SojungHangeul is the Korean alphabet (Hangeul) learning app service made for Korean children. It enables users to learn Hangeul at their own pace by following a curriculum especially tailored to each user by using AI technology. SojungHangeul is also well-known as providing phonics-based educational games, which are not only interesting but also effective even for slow learners. Thanks to AI and the gamification technologies, SojungHanguel is one of the market leading services of the Korean kids app market in sales since 2020.

If you want to know more about SojungHangeul, please refer to the following link.

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